Meet The Team

Steve Bahnatka

Owner/ Lead Installer

Steve wears all the hats. He is our fearless leader that keeps the wheels turning. He answers phone calls, generates estimates, manages projects through production and installation. He oversees every aspect of our day to day operations.

In his free time Steve enjoys running and walking outdoor trails with his dog Darla. Although he works hard to keep up with business, he always makes time for adventures and friends.

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Chief Barking Officer

Darla spends most of the day chewing her bone or trying to squeak her toys. She loves greeting clients with her brindle charm. She keeps everyone happy by wagging her tail and nudging them to take a break when they haven’t moved in a significant amount of time.

In her free time Darla like to take long naps, distract her dad inside and outside of work, belly rubs, butt scratches, meet dogs, and other humans willing to pet her.

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